Elegant Introduction

To escape practical life with its colorless details, your only way is going somewhere where you can feel the sense of nature and the peace it brings to your soul. You can do it easily, saving the effort of searching and traveling, in the heart of the city at Al Masah Hotel. Under the management of the Egyptian armed forces; Al Masah Hotel was built in 2006 on an area of 35,000 Sqm in a strategic location in the heart of Cairo which features privacy and tranquility, just a few kilometers from Cairo International Airport and half distance between all vital places in the capital. As a complement to the success of the first phase on all fields and as part of the Egyptian armed forces expansions, Al Masah`s second phase was established in 2014, to complement the armed forces system to become one of the largest hotels in Egypt and the highest level of hospitality and luxury that surpasses all dreams and wishes. It`s worth mentioning that the hotel has kids area, bowling alley, billiard and some other fun activities, to add while your accommodation a new dimension of comfort and luxury, as it features a multi-storey parking capacity of 450 cars that works electronically, according to the latest international standards.

It also has been created for the third phase AL-Masah Hotel which include the following:

1. cinema consists of a number (2) exhibition hall equipped with the latest sound property (Dolby atmos) unique of its kind in the Middle East.

2. Command aircraft simulation device.

3. dancing fountain.

4. Upgrade bowling.

5. New mosque.

6. Villa Beirut restaurant where joie months Lebanese cuisine hands of skilled cooks.