Al- Zomoroda

Al- Zomoroda Wedding

It’s a golden wedding

If you are dreaming of establishing a wedding ceremony features the utmost sophistication and luxury, what you need is to close your eyes and dream to find us in charge to turn your dream to a concrete reality… at Al Zomoroda Ballroom – one of the most prestigious rooms, Where elegance meets with excellent cuisine and high service quality.

Al- Zomoroda Meeting


Al Masah`s ballrooms, a new world of luxury where legendary twinkle lights and works of art in one of the most prestigious halls in Cairo. You will get the opportunity to live splendid moments in one of our elegant ballrooms – Al- Zomoroda.

The room can accommodate up to 400 people and is characterized by its elegancy where it meets with the excellent cuisine and high quality service, high ceiling and beige walls and glowing chandeliers to reflect the magnificence of the place.