Andalusite Wedding:

A Night Like No Other

Be one of the historical heroes which their stories end with a legend wedding ceremony dazzling all the invitees and remains stuck in their memories. Andalusite ballroom will enrich your special night with charm and make it unforgettable, where is the art and luxury meet witnessing the most prestigious weddings and events served by our expertise that turns things into magic. Andalusite is considered one of the largest ballrooms in Cairo and able to accommodate up to 1,200 people at tables. Moreover, there are 15 of balconies in the second floor on the edges which are normally used for celebrity/VIP guests to ensure maximum amount of privacy.

Andalusite Meetings:

Big Conference needs Big Effort

Andalusite is considered one of the largest ballrooms in Cairo with a total area of 1913 sqm. The capacity of the ballroom can hold up to 2,500 persons at tables. It includes a stage with an aerial space of 70sqm and an annex with a buffet area of 709 sqm, which adds up to a total area of 2692sqm. The room is equipped with state of the art high-tech tools including modern sound system devices, laser, lighting and wide screens; to ensure the success of your meetings and conferences The hotel provides well trained employees and professionals fully capable of organizing all activities including presenting food & beverages; to meet all your needs. Andalusite is your right choice in making your dream conference come true.