As you always find Al-Masah hotel grants you all means of comfort, we promise to help accomplish your meetings and dates in a way that satisfies your needs in one of our highly organized halls- El Loaloa. The room can accommodate up to 200 persons as it is equipped with up-to-date technologies and decorated in a white form allowing you to clear your mind and concentrate.


Al Loaloa Wedding

Don’t you want to lend your wedding a magical touch with a distinctive elegance to live a romantic stunning atmosphere? You will not find a place like El Loaloa Ballroom where you will get the opportunity to live splendid moments in an elegant atmosphere that increase the completeness of an integrated service. Also been provided with luxurious chandeliers lighting effects to highlight the beauty of the ceiling decorations, in addition to applying the golden hues on all fabrics and paintings to give a classy and elegant feel.